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Postavljeno: 29. nov. 2012.

Dead or Alive 5 gets fifth costume DLC pack

It wouldn't be Dead or Alive without a wide range of outfits to choose from, and Team Ninja has released the fifth installment of costume DLC for DOA 5 today.

The latest DLC pack for Dead or Alive 5 features three sets of costumes, or you can get all three in the Round 5 Costumes - Full Set.

The pack includes:

The China Pack: Jan Lee and Brad Wong in Kung Fu gear, Gen Fu wearing his White Tiger Fighting uniform and Helena gets ready to fight in a white gown.

What A Character 2: Kasumi now has a black bunny swimsuit, Mila masquerades as Bass, Zack turns into an aliens and Christie dons leather bondage gear.

Special Set 3: Leifang wears her maid outfit, Tina fights in her mayoral uniform, Eliot dresses as a bartender and Bass brings the pain in a white mafia suit.

All three packs are available now on XBLA (400MP each, or 1040MP for all three), and PSN (AU$8.45/US$4.99 each, or AU$20/US$13 for all three).


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Rayman Legends May Come To 3DS
Ubisoft's executive director Alain Corre didn't have any official announcements to make, but he said not to "rule out" a 3DS version of Rayman Legends. Speaking with CVG, Corre said that a port of Rayman Legends for 3DS isn't out of the question. "When you look at Rayman Legends you see it's a very big game with a lot of levels," Corre said, "So, it takes time to squeeze everything and downsize it onto other formats. But we're not ruling anything out for that format. We can't say anything more for the moment, but we can't rule the format out." You can head to CVG to see the full interview...
Persona 4 Golden trailer shows new features
Here's a new trailer showing off the new features crammed into Vita remake Persona 4 Golden. Persona 4 Golden is the expanded and enhanced Vita version of PS2 RPG adventure, Persona 4. It'll have extended story elements, new characters and a load of other treats, making it worthwhile for anyone who loved the 2008/09 original. Atlus previously revealed the Golden: Solid Gold Premium Edition for Vita - a special package of which only 10,000 will be made. The Solid Gold Premium Edition will set you back $69.99, and comes with a Vita case and pouch, themed Vita skins, and more.
Aliens: Colonial Marines trailer showcases Survivor mode
Sega has released a new Aliens: Colonial Marines trailer to show off the game's Survivor multiplayer mode. Survivor mode pits four marines against waves of Aliens in a confined map. By the looks of the trailer, players will be able to open up new sections of the map as they fight off the alien hordes. Sega has confirmed an Aliens: Colonial Marines release date of February 12, 2013 on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC, with a launch date for Wii U set to be "revealed at a later time".
Worms Revolution Extreme hits Vita in October
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Rockstar Games Collection' listed by retailers
Box art for 'Rockstar Games Collection Episode 1' has appeared online, along with retailer listings for the unannounced collection. The art here was originally posted on NeoGAF and indicates Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City, Red Dead Redemption, LA Noire and Midnight Club: Los Angeles Complete Edition could be part of the rumoured package. Online retailers and CDUniverse have listed the collection, with the latter attaching a November 13 release date. Rockstar hasn't officially confirmed the product is genuine.

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