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Postavljeno: 29. nov. 2012.

Dead or Alive 5 gets fifth costume DLC pack

It wouldn't be Dead or Alive without a wide range of outfits to choose from, and Team Ninja has released the fifth installment of costume DLC for DOA 5 today.

The latest DLC pack for Dead or Alive 5 features three sets of costumes, or you can get all three in the Round 5 Costumes - Full Set.

The pack includes:

The China Pack: Jan Lee and Brad Wong in Kung Fu gear, Gen Fu wearing his White Tiger Fighting uniform and Helena gets ready to fight in a white gown.

What A Character 2: Kasumi now has a black bunny swimsuit, Mila masquerades as Bass, Zack turns into an aliens and Christie dons leather bondage gear.

Special Set 3: Leifang wears her maid outfit, Tina fights in her mayoral uniform, Eliot dresses as a bartender and Bass brings the pain in a white mafia suit.

All three packs are available now on XBLA (400MP each, or 1040MP for all three), and PSN (AU$8.45/US$4.99 each, or AU$20/US$13 for all three).


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